Murdoch Uni comes to Woolorama

Murdoch Uni Studients coming to Woolorama to learn about rural industries and country life


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  Jannette Rose - Event Coordinatior - Murdoch Uni
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Murdoch University Animal Science Association

School of Veterinary & Life Sciences | Murdoch University

Murdoch University Animal Science Students Association (MASSA) is run by a passionate group of students with a keen interest in agriculture. Our aim is to engage students studying under the Veterinary Life Sciences umbrella at Murdoch University, namely: Animal Science, Animal Health, Crop and Pasture Science and Veterinary science in extracurricular opportunities and experiences. We want to excite and create passion for agriculture by offering students the opportunity to expand their practical knowledge and skills, as well as facilitate networking with companies and individuals at the forefront of the agricultural industry.

2018 marks the first year MASSA representatives will be attending the Wagin Woolorama. The Woolorama was proposed as a keystone event for MASSA due to a growing Ovine interest within the university. The aim of the trip for MASSA is to showcase what rural Australia has to offer and provide a taste of being involved in the local Wagin community.

MASSA members come from all walks of life; we have a range of international, domestic, city and rural based students. Some students coming have little/no rural or agricultural experience so the expectations from students vary greatly.

Our members have expressed the desire to use the Woolorama event as a platform to make relevant industry connections and meet potential future employers as well as learn from industry experts about new technology and innovation within the wool industry; particularly nutritional inputs/advances and management practices. Some of our members wish to pursue research and will be utilising the Woolorama to guide their research project concepts, whilst others are simply hoping to get up close to a sheep!

A few quotes from our members on their expectations for the 2018 Wagin Woolorama:

I hope that by attending Wagin Woolorama that I would be able to gain insight into the inner workings of sheep and wool industry. As an international student, I have little to no experience in the agricultural field at all, but I hope that by attending this event, I will be able to make my first foray into the agricultural industry, as well as expand my knowledge and skills. I am eager to meet new people and learn as much as I can to begin establishing myself within this industry.” – Chong Chin-Ning (2nd year Animal Science Student)

Through attending the Wagin Woolorama in 2018 i would love to be able to introduce myself to industry leaders, representatives, potential future colleagues and potential employers. I am keen to show my enthusiasm towards agriculture and getting more heavily involved once i finish my degree. Through working on a commercial sheep and cropping farm over the past 3 months full time, i am interested to see the latest technologies and learn ways to improve sheep health, cropping yield and lamb growth plus many more topics! By attending the Woolorama i would be able to visit different service providers and display stalls, communicating with the representatives to understand their point of view and knowledge that i have not learned before.” – Claire Powell (3rd Year Animal Science Student)

As a vet student wanting to work in the agricultural industry this would provide me with the opportunity to learn more about the industry and meet the leaders and experts in their field, and innovations past, present and future. I have a lot to learn about the sheep industry and am excited to acquire knowledge that will equip me to become a vet that can work with farmers and agricultural  workers to help improve sheep health and farm productivity.” – Meg Morley (2nd Year Veterinary Science Student)

Photo  MASSA Committee members: Madison Carter, Meg Morley, Tess Williams, Leah Sackville, Claire Powell at an EBV workshop in January 2018

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