Man of Many Talents coming to Woolorama

From Dairy farm to Disadvantaged kids, to International Livestock Judge and everywhere in between


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Grame Hopf is a very unique character to say the least; he is an internationally successful veteran livestock judge with a swag of awards under his belt, a foster father to 36 children, a renowned public speaker and a lover of life, with a colourful history to match. We feel exceptionally pleased and privileged to have him as our guest Poultry Judge at this year’s Woolorama.

Grame grew up on a dairy farm in Mullumbimby on the far North coast of New South Wales where his family milked commercial Jersey cows. His Grandfather bought out some of the first Jerseys direct from Jersey Island, exemplar to the fact that his family has a history running deep and far into the livestock world. Coming from a self proclaimed ‘extremely horsey family’, Grame admits although passionate about horses, he was no Champion Show Rider and instead, in his early years set his sights on livestock of all kinds.

At the tender age of 8 years old Grame began his show career entering poultry into local competitions, when he became a teenager he began showing Jersey cattle and by the age of 14 he was awarded National Judging Champion through the Junior Farmer’s Competition.

Since then, Grame has made a livelihood and exceptional career through the Livestock industry, having judged 105 Royal shows in different locations around Australia, covering five forms of livestock- Poultry, Dairy & Beef Cattle, Horses and British Sheep breeds. He judged his first Royal Show in Melbourne in 1969 at just 18 years of age. Not to mention the numerous overseas judging stints that he’s made and the fact that he is the only person in the world to have judged five World Congress shows in five different forms of livestock.

Apart from judging, Grame has been involved in livestock on another level; as Manager to Barwidgee Angus Stud he witnessed the breeding and export of their s Black Angus cattle to 14 different countries around the world, and was the only Australian Angus stud in the 1970’s to export animals back into the Angus herd book in Scotland.

Judging some 40 shows each year International wide, Grame will be judging the Poultry section at the Woolorama this year, he has not yet attended a Woolorama, but has heard of the Show and commented on its infamy on a worldwide scale. Mentioning he gets queried internationally if he has attended Woolorama and in particular the Sheep section. He is looking forward to attending this year, not only as our guest poultry judge, but to view the Sheep section, stating he Believes that some of the best Merino Sheep in the world are here in WA. Grame, via microphone headset will be commentating on his judging, what he’s looking for and the quality of the birds, which will be broadcast on the day.  

‘If more people in society had the opportunity to share the love of livestock, like I have had the opportunity to, society would be far better off’. His quote aptly describes his life and how he lives it, being a father of 36 foster children this sentiment has a deep resonation to his tremendous societal efforts. Beginning his journey of Foster Father at the youthful age of 19, these days Grame single handily takes on children between the ages of 8 to 18 and specialises in cases of extremely difficult and distressing upbringings. He has used his passion and respect for animals and livestock to foster the lives of numerous traumatised young people. Grame says that ‘pets are a mental leveller for people’. A statement that would appear to be a driving force in his lengthy livestock career and his fantastic efforts in the social justice of troubled and disadvantaged youth. 

Grames accomplishments are numerous, merited and as it appears, ongoing. This year, in one trip, he will be jetting off to judge livestock starting in New Zealand, then to South Africa, over to England, Scotland, Canada and finishing up in the USA. In June he will be attending his 1000th judging appointment at the Proserpine Rural Show in North Queensland. Seemingly a low key event for such a significant career milestone is fitting for the humble character that Grame is.

‘I’m the luckiest person on earth, because I do exactly what I want to do in life’. From judging and raising livestock to raising and rehabilitating some of Australia’s most troubled children Grame may consider himself lucky, but we at the Wagin Woolorama are considering ourselves the ones in luck this year to have Grame attend our 46th Annual Show.

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