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Spurry's Transport Company continues to support the Woolorama


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Spurry’s Transport makes sure the Woolorama gets its general carting transport needs meet before, during and after the 2-day show.

Peter Spurr brings in the telehandlers from Bunbury every year to ensure all the work of moving things around can be done as easily and efficiently as possible.  His also uses his own equipment throughout the year to maintain the rodeo grounds with committee member Arthur Pederick

He believes the Rodeo has revitalised and ensures Woolorama continues to be a 2-day show, subsequently he is a staunch supporter and gives $1500 cash sponsorship each year. He said all Agricultural shows had a Rodeo once, even Woolorama in the early 70’s and when he was a committee member it was reintroduced back in the early 2000.

During the show he is involved with the local Wagin Action Group who oversee the gates, taking up to 60 volunteers over the duration of the show, sometimes this would result in recruiting family and friends to ensure all gates are covered. In previous years this was always rotated between all the local sporting and service clubs, meaning all community members and Service clubs work together to make the Woolorama happen!

What he contributes in time and resources makes him happy and great self-satisfaction to see it all come together and work.  He started his involvement from an early age, his grandmother was a stalwart to the historical village and his interest is all things vintage remains strong, therefore sees the historical society as a significant part of the Woolorama.  “People love to see old moving parts” he said there is a big interest in the demonstrations of how farming has become mechanised over time.  In the 80’s there would be a grand parade of Vintage Tractors several times a day however due to additional infrastructure at the village this is no longer possible.

He would love to have more involvement, however due to his expanding business he no longer has the time to do more.  He went into business with Geoff Abbott back in 1992 and in 96/97 he ventured out on his own with 1 truck carting Livestock, Wool, Grain & Fertiliser.  Today he has a fleet of 8 trucks, 7 drivers and a lot of trailers.  With the introduction of container cartage for Uni-grain, the largest Oat Mill in Australia he loads and carts over 200 tonnes of finished product per day to the wharf!  This now makes up more than 50% of his business and is set to expand further with the export tariff to China being scrapped next year.

Peter still runs the bulk cartage side of his business, and in 2010 he purchased a telehandler with wool clamps to load wool making his job less physical but still requiring the knowledge and skill to calculate weight distribution and optimal safety.  Currently he is setting up a new depot that will be user friendly in his exciting expansion to meet the growing & future needs of Unigrain.

Thanks to Wagin business support like this the Woolorama is what it is today, it’s a testament to the community spirit that makes it a great place to live and work

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