Beef Auction at Wagin Woolorama

Fill your freezer with Prime Beef for just $7.50kg


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DE Engineering Prime Yearling Auction is held every year at the Wagin Woolorama Cattle Section giving you the opportunity to buy scotch fillet steak for $7.50/kg? If this appeals to your taste’re in luck!  Find a friend, or buy a beast yourself in this year’s cattle auction at the Wagin Woolorama on Friday the 8th of March or just come along to see all the action!..

Head Steward Luke Hall suggests that all you need is

Then, either pick the animal up on Sunday after the show, or have the animal transported (free of charge) to Dardanup Butchering Company to have the animal processed exactly how you want it.  Within weeks your animal will be packaged up into steaks, mince etc., and awaiting your pickup.

Registration commences at 1.30pm and the Prime Yearling Auction commences at 3pm, so there is time to select the perfect animal for you! Additional information is available on the day for prospective buyers about the process.

So, come alone to the Cattle shed at the 2019 Wagin Woolorama and get yourself the best steak, for the best price, and see how the best butchers in Perth buy their beef!                                       

If you need the animals to be sent to DBC for butchering and processing (free transportation), this will incur a fee that is dependent on the weight of the animal. So to make things very simple, Luke has made a quick chart from the overall average of last year's sale, weights and price.

2018’s average Yearling weight was 466kg,

Sold for an average of $1500,

43% of the live weight of an animal ends up on your plate,

Making the dressed animal worth $7.48/kg.

If you were to send the average Yearling from last year to be processed, you would incur a $511 fee. That gets the animal delivered to your town (a range eat southern towns) or Perth, and packaged into 2 steak packs, or 500g mice packs, 500g sausages etc.

Giving your animal back to you for a total cost of $2,011 or $10.05/kg.  

If you are interested in buying and processing your own beef direct from the grower here is your chance!  For more information contact Luke on 0437 484 668 or Kurt Wise on 0419 922 546

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