A unique & rare Radio Station in Wagin

A unique & rare Radio Station in Wagin

Alive and local with a voice that wooed a wife.


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Wagin’s very own Radio Great Southern 1422am (WA racing broadcasting) & 1611am (non-stop easy favourites, news, variety programs, interviews & mature music mix) is turning 21yrs during the 47th year of Wagin Woolorama.  It’s the only private, family, locally operated and owned radio station of its type, not just in WA or Australia, but in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere! From its inception to today, the station continues to promote and broadcast at Wagin Woolorama.

Local celebrity & Radio Great Southern 1422am broadcaster Norm Chilcott is celebrating his 40th year on radio and 21 years as the voice of Wagin Woolorama.  He started his career in radio when he was only 15 at Albany Radio station 6VA while he was still in school.  At the age of 17 Norm hosted the Saturday ‘Dial a Hit Show’ which is where he met his serial requester, now wife of 36 years, Sherryl Chilcott. A telephone romance blossomed, becoming declared sweethearts before they officially met face-to-face at a Christmas party, and the rest is history.   Both Norm and Sherryl are devoted to each other, their business and the community. They believe open communication and enjoying each other’s company is the key to a happy marriage and a successful working relationship in a community service that is integral to Wagin and the surrounding region.

The idea to start a radio station all started over a bottle of cheap red wine with the then Dept of Agriculture reporter and once Woolorama media liaison officer Pat Harding. They broadcasted on the initial 1611am broadband and expanded after acquiring the 1422am station from TAB covering all WA racing including gallops, pacing (trots) and chasing (greyhounds), throughout the Greater Southern Region in 2001.

Norms philosophy of content being reflective of what ‘goes on in the local community via direct community feedback, knowledge of the area, where the station is, who the station is servicing and what they are involved in provides radio content each day

Radio Great Southern 1422 and Easy Listening 1611 is uniquely live, local and community focussed. They are just one of a few radio stations left in rural WA that maintain a personal rapport with the community where people can speak directly to the radio announcer to request on-air announcements or events. The station also encourages and supports local artists including budding young musicians through broadcasting and promoting their music.

The core business is ‘news, music, sport and talk’ with marketing packages catering to local and external businesses. Their biggest client is Waging and Betting WA along with the surrounding racing clubs. Local football coverage is also a favourite and can be streamed live allowing families to listen to their local radio station and weekend sport in Wagin when on holidays abroad.

Norm said some of the biggest challenges in providing a local service of this nature is the fluctuating population, changing government services and varying technology available.  He relies heavily on the internet to keep material and programs up to date that is relevant and accessible by his listeners. Norm plays a huge part in all facades of the business each day from announcer to technician and administration. He's an all-around top guy with a melodic voice and a big community spirit. However, he admits he is only part of the crucial team which would not function without his better half Sherryl.

Norm and Sherryl are passionate and love the community involvement in Woolorama. They appreciate the unique contribution that everyone makes to bring it together, and the level of respect and recognition makes them proud to be part of it.  It’s a fun-filled small country show perfect for a family day out and a WA Showcase of rural life with international acclaim. They believe Woolorama is an exceptional community event where you can enter scones and / or buy a $1M piece of machinery!

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