What visitors need to know



We will be providing updates regularly to those attending our show.  The best way to stay informed is to visit our website and follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/waginwoolorama/.



COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization. The symptoms of COVID-19 are very similar to the symptoms you have if you have a cold with the most common symptoms being fever, dry cough and tiredness. Less common symptoms include aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell a rash on skin or discolouration of fingers or toes.
If you are exhibiting any of these symptoms, please don't come to the 2021 Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama and seek medical advice as soon as you can.



To comply with our COVID plan we need to have a registration system upon entry so that if an outbreak occurs, contact tracing can take place and WA Health can get in touch with everyone who was at the show on a given day. We will use several methods to enforce this registration system.

  • SAFEWA REGISTRATION - Everyone must scan this SafeWA QR code each day that you are coming to Wagin Woolorama grounds and the Wagin Woolorama and complete the registration details.
  • MANUAL REGISTRATION - At the gate upon entry if you do not scan the SafeWA app on your phone you will be required to complete the SafeWA registration slip and provide us with your name, phone number.  There will be a secure box to place this slip into inside the gate.

Important note to those working on grounds during bump in & bump out:

If you are entering the Wagin Woolorama Showgrounds from Saturday 27th February until Wednesday 10th March you are required to use the SafeWA contact tracing methods. Each new day you are on the grounds you are required to register your visit with SafeWA.



To comply with our COVID plan our system of entry needs to be as contactless as possible. Our gate entry will look a little different this year- please follow the instructions of gate staff, signs and footpaths.

  • Become a member of the Wagin Agricultural Society and show your membership pass on arrival to gain entry to the Showground and the show in a contactless manner. Membership details can be found on our website.   Your guest will be required to provide their name and contact number at the gate.
  • Public Parking Paddock- $5 per vehicle- please have correct cash or tap and go EFTPOS ready.
  • VEHICLE ENTRY- if entering in the grounds in your vehicle you must remain in your vehicle as you pay gate entry fees on arrival. 
  • PEDESTRIAN ENTRY- if entering using pedestrian gates you must maintain physical distancing as you pay gate entry fees on arrival.
  • For those who have not pre-purchased an entry ticket online you will be asked to provide your name and phone number and can pay using the following methods:

Scan your pre-purchased electronic ticket
A GREAT WAY: Pay using tap and go EFTPOS
ACCEPTED: Pay using correct cash- for the safety of our volunteers and patrons we ask that you pay using correct cash to minimise handling of cash change.



Keep yourself safe, follow direction of COVID Safety Marshalls and Show Staff & Volunteers



To comply with our COVID plan our we are providing hand sanitiser at showgrounds entry points and at regular points throughout the Showgrounds. Please sanitise your hands regularly during your visit to the Wagin Woolorama.



To comply with our COVID plan our we are providing signage around the Showgrounds and making announcements to remind you to maintain physical distancing of 1.5m away from people not in your usual household group. This will apply to all parts of the 2021 Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama including pedestrian walkways, side show alley, section exhibits, inside pavilions and seating. You are responsible for maintaining your distance from other people.



To comply with our COVID plan our we are providing signage in all the amenity blocks on Wagin Woolorama grounds reminding you to wash your hands regularly using soap and water and lathering your hand for approx. 20 seconds before rinsing. Dry using single use paper towel.



To comply with our COVID plan our we are providing signage on all buildings that create an enclosed space, indicating the maximum capacity limit for that space. Please comply with these maximum capacity limits so that everyone inside can maintain their physical distancing.



To comply with our COVID plan our we are providing signage indicating where you are to enter and where you are to exit. These directions can apply indoors or outdoors and can apply to buildings or open spaces. Please follow these directions to minimise co-mingling and crossover of queues.



To comply with our COVID plan our we are providing foot markers where we are expecting queues to occur. These foot markers will indicate your position 1.5m away from the next person in the line. Please comply with all foot markers to maintain physical distancing standards.



To comply with our COVID plan our we are providing seating markers where we are expecting patrons to be seated. These seating markers will indicate your position 1.5m away from the next person. You may disregard the seating markers if your group is all from the same household. Otherwise, please comply with all seating markers to maintain physical distancing standards.





If you do exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 after visiting the Wagin Woolorama, see a doctor and get tested immediately.

The Wagin Agricultural Society are bound by the Department of Health COVID-19 Event Safety guidelines and conditions set.  By purchasing your entry ticket and attending the show you are agreeing to abide by these conditions and any reasonable instructions given to you at the Wagin Woolorama show.  The Wagin Agricultural Society has the right to remove anyone from the showgrounds who does not follow the instructions of Show Volunteers, Show Staff, COVID Safety Marshalls, Security and Police.