Freestyle Now facilitators would be present to offer participants technical advice, trick tips, skill development and skatepark etiquette. Our facilitators focus on all aspects of skatepark participation, BMX, skateboard and scooter and on the skill level of the participant. We analyse their skill level and work from that base and assist with confidence building. Skills can be taught but confidence cannot. It is important to not only just focus on skill-building but confidence as well. By using their own skill base as a stepping stone we are able to help them advance. Our instructors speak the participant’s language and speak on their level. Our instructors relay this safety

message to our participants and reiterate the importance of helmets and how they can minimize injuries. All participants would need their own equipment and would also be required to wear a helmet and closed in shoes.

the demos will be at 11:30, 1:30 and 3:00 they will be approximately 15 minutes in duration.

we will announce that we are doing the demos 30 minutes before and in the lead up to the demo time.