Show Rules


  1. The Committee reserves the power to reject or remove any Exhibitor, servant or attendant, or any visitor from the Show without being required to give any explanation or being liable for compensation. The powers conferred on the Committee shall be delegated to a Sub-Committee consisting of any three Members and all monies won by such o?enders shall be forfeited.
  2. No dogs, except for exhibition and unless a nominated and catalogued sheep dog, will be allowed on the grounds, other than guide dogs or assistance dogs.
  3. The Committee reserves the right to postpone, and further postpone any Show from the advertised date, and may make what alterations it deems desirable in the Schedule of Prizes, or other show arrangements.
  4. The decision of the Society on all points shall be Anal without recourse.
  5. No Exhibit shall be staged for competition until Subscription or Entrance Fees are paid to the Secretary.
  6. Quantities, Weights and Numbers will be strictly adhered to.
  7. Admission Prices: Adults $20; Pensioners $10; School aged children FREE thanks to CBH.  Companion card “Admit 2” $10;
  9. All persons Competing and Exhibiting in the Show do so at their own risk.
  10. No protest will be considered if person protesting has no entry in the class concerned.
  11. The Head Steward reserves the right to reject and remove from the ground any exhibit which in his or her opinion is dangerous or objectionable.
  12. The Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama Committee will not be held liable for loss of, or damage to, the exhibitor's property whilst on the site.
  13. The name Woolorama is registered and may not be used for souvenir type material without the written permission of the Committee.
  14. Stewards reserve the right to re-enter an entry into a more appropriate section and/ or class.
  15. No entry in sections P-Y may be advertised as being for sale.
  16. Points will be deducted if vehicles are parked in such a way as to obstruct traffic or left parked in areas other than designated parking areas.
  17. No alcohol is to be brought onto the grounds.



  1. ADMISSION PRICES: Adults $20; School aged children FREE thanks to CBH; Pensioners $10; Companion Card “Admit 2” $10.
  2. All exhibitors must pay an entrance fee to the grounds each day unless Financial members of the Wagin Agricultural Society Inc.
  3. PRIZE MONEY: All post-Woolorama prize money will be paid by EFT. Sections P-Y to be collected from the Woolorama Offce, 10am to 11.30am Saturday.
  4. Restricted Vehicle Entry: Vehicles are allowed into the grounds for half an hour on a deposit system of $50. A card will be issued by the gatekeeper and on the removal of the vehicle within the half hour limit, the deposit will be refunded. Removal after the time limit has expired will automatically result in forfeiture of the deposit. Exhibitors are asked to assist in avoiding vehicle congestion by refraining from entering the grounds when possible. Ample parking is provided.
  5. Exhibitors are to check individual sections for times that exhibits for the pavilion must be in place.
  6. Exhibits must NOT be removed before 5pm on Saturday.
  7. The times stated will be rigidly adhered to.
  8. All livestock exhibitors must provide PIC No (Property Identification Code) and Brand on Entry Forms. Waybills must be submitted to livestock stewards for all livestock.
  9. In the event of there being no competition in any Class, prizes may be given if the judges certify to particular merit, but they are specially requested to withhold prizes — even where there is competition — if the Exhibits are of inferior description, or not suitable for the Class in which they are competing; they may award a Second Prize.
  10. If less than three entries, no prize shall necessarily be given.
  11. Entries in Sections P-Y will be received by the Secretary at the Woolorama Office, Recreation Centre at the Sportsground. Tel: (08) 9861 1611 during the two weeks prior to Woolorama. For stock entry closing dates, please refer to the individual closing times.
  12. PLEASE NOTE: The Committee reserves the right to restrict entries in any class should the need arise.
Livestock vehicle passes are issued upon receipt of entries for Sections C-H, or waybills for Sheep Sections A & B.
NO vehicle will be permitted on the grounds without this pass after 7am Friday.
Entries must be received in time to allow this pass to be posted.
Vehicle passes apply only to the vehicle. Personnel riding in the vehicle are
required to have separate entrance passes.


  1. LIVESTOCK: Attend at their sections by 8am on the Friday of Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama. Sheep Stewards by 7am.
  2. HOME INDUSTRY: Attend their sections by noon Thursday prior to the show.
  3. Arrange among themselves for the elective supervision of their Sections and the convenience of the Exhibitor, as well as that of the public.
  4. Wait upon the Judges, furnish them with the Award Books, Prize Cards or Ribbons and accord them all information and attention necessary to the discharge of their duties.
  5. Attend to the reception, correct classification and placing of all exhibits and any other matter having reference thereto.
  6. In case they think it necessary, advise the Committee to reject any exhibit, in which case prompt action will be taken.
  8. Stewards must notify the Secretary two weeks before the Show if they are unable to attend on Show Day.

Time for Exhibits to be removed: 5pm Saturday — STRICTLY ADHERED TO.



The information provided by the Exhibitor in the Application for Entry is collected and
used by the Wagin Agricultural Society Inc to organise and conduct Competitions at the
Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama. We may publish details such as your name,
address and exhibit details in any Woolorama publication or communication. Such
information may also be made available to, and published by, the media. We will not
disclose your information without your consent for any purpose unless required or
authorised by law. You may request access to your personal information and, if necessary,
request that our records of that information be corrected by writing to the Secretary at
the Wagin Agricultural Society Inc, P0 Box 241, Wagin WA 6315.



Persons entering the Showground waive all rights in relation to any photograph, image
or likeness of them produced whilst attending the Show. The Society retains all property
in all images it produces.