Class H70

H - Horses in Action



Dates    Saturday 12 March 2022

Head Steward    Sue Dowson
Entries    (no postal entries accepted)

  • Show Horse Competition: $45 per Horse/Rider combination
  • Mounted Games: $25 per Horse/Rider combination

A maximum of 2 horses per rider may be entered in the Show Horse Competition
Start Time    8am sharp for gear check Hacking ring events will commence 8.30am sharp
Prizes    Ribbons and prize money

  • Hacking and Halter classes – First Placing $10, Second Placing $5, Third Placing $3.
  • Show Jumping – First Placing $10 Second Placing $5, Third Placing $3.
  • Participants bags provided at registration before competing.
  • OTT Entries Best Performed Thoroughbred and Standardbred prizes calculated by placing on the day.

Competitors to wear bridle numbers, numbers will be assigned on the day.


  • Only one competition (Mounted Games or Show Horse Competition) can be entered per rider. Competitors cannot compete in both Horse Competitions.
  • Riders need to present to the organisers in the club rooms prior to 8am to confirm they are riding and to collect their rider bag and event number and complete an insurance indemnity form.
  • Riders to present to the Gear Check Marshal mounted at 8am.
  • Riders to be dressed in hacking attire or Pony Club uniforms with approved boots and helmets.
  • Ponies and horses competing in Hacking and Halter Classes must be Plaited.
  • All OTT horses competing in Best Performed OTT over the day must provide race name or passport otherwise not eligible
  • Each entrant must provide a helper, limited self-help jobs available, you must email in order to secure a Self Help job, it will be first in first served.
  • The disclaimer and waiver must be read, understood, and accepted when entering.
  • Age of competitor is as at date of show.
  • All Manure/hay to be placed in designated bins, yards must be left as they were found, please place your rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Lunging of ponies/horses will only be allowed in the round yard, warming up can only take place in the designated are on the day.
  • Rolling or leaving of ponies/horses in the round yard is NoT permitted. There is a roll yard provided next to the wash bays.
  • In all sections the Judge or Committee has the right to amalgamate, change, split or cancel any class at their discretion.
  • Novice Pony/Hack class can only be entered by Ponies/Horses that have not won a first ribbon on the day.
  • District Hack, the Pony/Horse and rider must reside within 100km of Wagin town.
  • Colts/Stallions will not be permitted to enter this event.
  • No entries on the day, all entries through, if required multiple horses (Show Jumping only) can be entered under the one rider. However, you can enter a different horse for the halter classes or Show Jumping if you prefer to hack another horse.
  • No postal entries accepted. If you are having difficulties with entering please email or call the woolorama office Phone 98 611 611.
  • Entry to the Show grounds is via the Arthur Road gate. Float parking is only allowed on the South end, around the outside of the Mounted Games oval across the road from the Pony Club grounds.
  • Please remember that the stewards and pencillers are volunteers so please show them respect when talking to them, it is your responsibility to know which classes you have entered and be ready to enter you class when called, Classes will not be held up.
  • If the Judges or officials see any signs of abuse towards a Pony or Horse, the Judge/official may ask the exhibitor to leave the ring and all entry monies will be forfeited.
  • Please remember that the stewards and pencillers are volunteers so please show them respect when talking to them, it is your responsibility to know which classes you have entered and be ready to enter you class when called, Classes will not be held up.

Competition H – Woolorama Mounted Games

Head Steward: Natasha 0417 942 378 Saturday Competition to be entered through
Woolorama Mounted Games pairs event will take place on the trot training area. The event will
run in Age groups of, under 12, under 15, under 18, Open and over 25. When you enter if you
want to be paired with a particular rider then please state this on your entry form.
MGAWA will post the list of races on their Facebook page one week before the event – plus other games to be posted on the day.

Competition H– Show Horse Competition

Hacking, Halter classes and Show Jumping.
Hacking will commence at 8.30am sharp all riders to present mounted to Gear check marshal
before being allowed into competition rings.
Show Jumping and Halter classes will run simultaneously after the Hacking is completed, so you can only enter Show jumping or Halter Classes.
Plaiting is compulsory for hacking and Halter classes, participants to wear Hacking attire or Pony Club uniforms.
There will be 3 hack rings running simultaneously on the day,


  • Leadline- Ring 1
  • First Ridden- Ring 1
  • Rider 10yrs to 13 - Ring 2
  • Rider 14yrs to 17yrs - Ring 2
  • Adult (18yrs to 39yrs) - Ring 3
  • Veteran (over 40yrs) - Ring 3

Hacking Classes in each group:

  • Best Presented Pony/ Horses Rider Combination
  • Riders Classes
  • Pleasure Pony/ Hack
  • District Pony/ Hack (Must reside within 100km of Wagin)
  • Lightweight Pony/ Hack
  • Medium/ Heavyweight Pony/ Hack
  • Child/ Youth/ Lady/ Gents Hack
  • Novice Pony/ Hack

Halter Classes
Halter classes will start once Hacking has finished and show jumping arena is built. All
ponies/horses to be wearing bridles for halter classes with bridle numbers on the left side of the
pony/horse’s head. All Ponies/horses competing in Halter classes to be plaited.
All handlers to be wearing closed in shoes. Handlers to be in neat attire with long sleeves and a
hat. Please present to the Halter class Marshall prior to your classes, you are responsible for presenting in time for your classes. Classes will not be delayed for participants.

Fancy dress competition
Can be led or mounted, there will be no work out, Ponies/horses will line up for judging. If
mounted Pony Club regulation Helmets and boots must be worn. Please make sure that outfit is
safe and won’t cause distress to Pony/Horse.

Show Jumping classes
Show Jumping will consist of Table AM7 and Optimum Time. Heights will be, encouragement,
45cm, 60cm, 75cm and 90cm. A maximum two consecutive heights per table per horse and
rider combination.

Show Jumping will not commence until the course is built which will take place directly after
the Hacking finishes. If you choose to show jump you will NoT be allowed to enter the Halter
Classes. Halter classes will run simultaneously with the Show Jumping.

Presentation of Best performed Thbred and Standbred will take place after all classes are completed and scores tallied up. If you are wanting to compete for this title you need to make sure you have provided your horses details (Race Name) and or passport to the organisers when you collect your rider bag and what number you are to wear on your bridle (riders Must provide their own bridle numbers)and complete your indemnity form otherwise you will not be included.

Show More Details
Show Horse Competition- Enter via Show Jumping Rider under 17 years Class H70: Optimum Time 75cm Entry Fee: $0.00 Online Competition Entries will open in January 2022 Sponsors: Unigrain; Planfarm; Off The Track WA; McGuffie Transport; Maldive Equestrian; Anitone; BENCHMARK HORSE FEEDS; Tallytags Swingertags; Oakford Stockfeeds; Alwyn Park Stud; First Bit Equine Prizes: 1st - $10, 2nd - $5, 3rd - $3