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Woolorama would not be possible without the selfless commitment of hundreds of volunteers like Joan Matthews and Lyn White


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 16 April 2014
Wendy Pederick – Media Liaison for Wagin Woolorama 2014
Ph: 9861 1611, E: secretary@woolorama.com.au


Typical Givers

Volunteers "unleash their brilliance" to build strong communities.

Active members of the community help others and take responsibility for themselves.

Two such volunteers are Joan Matthews and Lyn White who are two of the many who give selfless hours to help make Wagin a great place to live.

Joan Matthews said she volunteers at Wagin Woolorama because she wants to see the show keep going.  Joan helped in Section S of the show, the Patchwork, Quilting and Applique section, assisting head steward Kerry Walker in her duties and helping to arrange the quilts for display after judging.

Joan sees the show as an opportunity to meet people, help others and make good use of her spare time.

It's what Woolorama brings to the town that inspires Lyn White to volunteer during the two-day event.  Lyn uses computerised data in the Information Tent, overseen by Woolorama committee member Deb Scanlon, to answer show patron's enquiries about anything and everything.  The Information Tent gives direction to where to find things, including commercial exhibitors, what entertainers are performing, handles rodeo wristband sales and gives out free sunscreen and fruit.

By working in the Information Tent Lyn is able to use her skills and experiences in a positive way.

As an expression of its appreciation, the Woolorama Committee each year rewards some of its volunteers with an accommodation voucher.

Names are submitted by the head stewards of the 26 competitions and the ten coordinators of other areas of responsibility.  The names are put into a draw that is made at the public meeting after the show at the end of March.  Committee are not eligible.  This year of the 180 volunteers names submitted, Joan and Lyn were the lucky winners.

The vouchers are a small token of the respect Woolorama has for its volunteers.  The show just wouldn't happen without the substantial contribution of the many volunteers that make a deliberate decision to be generous with their time and skills.

Woolorama president Malcolm Edward says Wagin Woolorama has always been about building a strong community in which to live.  "We are so very appreciative that others have caught the vision and continue to give of themselves to make the event vibrant and sustainable.  We thank them all."


More information:

Wendy Pederick – Phone 9861 1611, or email media@woolorama.com.au


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Typical Givers
Woolorama would not be possible without the selfless commitment of hundreds of volunteers like Joan Matthews and Lyn White

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WA's largest regional agricultural show

Over 350 commercial exhibitors; over 1000 sheep, cattle, horses and chooks in competition; working sheep dogs; hourly fashion parades; art, photography and crafts in competition; education options; side shows; free entertainment; lifestyle displays; woolhandling and shearing competitions; markets; current and future rural industry products and services; travel products; smoke free environment; indoor and outdoor displays; 20,000 visitors; massive local community effort; family friendly;