Western Australia Agricultural Society Wagin Agricultural Shows

Mission Statement


Written within the Constitution of the Society the following objectives of the Society are included:

  1. To promote and develop the agricultural, pastoral, horticultural and industrial resources of the state of Western Australia
  2. To conduct, hold and promote shows and other exhibitions and donate prizes in connection therewith
  3. To erect buildings and conveniences for the convenience and comfort of members, patrons and public
  4. To erect and maintain offices for the Committee and members
  5. To provide refreshment for show goers
  6. To purchase, lease, hire or acquire real estate or property to achieve its purposes
  7. To support other associations with similar objectives
  8. To grant allowances and to subscribe to any patriotic, charitable, benevolent or public object.

Of far more significance than the building projects, the Society has brought to the showgrounds a family-focused event which creates Wagin's point of difference from other small rural towns and to be a forum for all other interest groups within the district to support fundraising. In the process it engages all age groups and builds strength into its people.  As well as enthusiastically showcasing all that rural Australia has to offer, it celebrates all those who contribute, and have contributed, to our rich rural history, prosperity and life style.

A not-for-profit organisation, the Wagin Agricultural Society, exists to build strength and capacity into the people and township of Wagin.