Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Ordinary & Organisational Memberships are valid for the calendar year, January-December.  Membership Renewals are issued each October and are due for payment by 31st December of that year.  Memberships lapse if not paid by 31st January the following year.


(please note membership refers to both ordinary and organisational members below)

  1. Membership applications must be made in writing and signed by the applicant.  On-line membership applications are deemed to be signed on submission of the electronic membership form.  All applicable membership fees must be paid at the time of submitting your application. 
  2. All applicable fees and charges associated with new Membership must be paid at the time of submitting your application.  Unpaid applications will not be submitted to the Wagin Ag society Committee for approval until full payment is made.
  3. The Wagin Ag society reserves the right to not accept new memberships received after the February Committee meeting of the Society (2nd Tuesday of month) and prior to the Woolorama show.  The processing of incomplete applications is at the discretion of Wagin Ag Society Secretary, who may grant provisional membership
  4. All Memberships related fees and charges are non-refundable. The only exceptions to this are applications that are denied by the Wagin Agricultural Society Committee, in which case a full refund will be provided (however this does not apply to provisional memberships which have been given for the Woolorama show period)
  5. Memberships may be resigned at any time by submitting the request in writing, however refunds will not be issued
  6. Annual Renewal Invitations will be sent to Members prior to the commencement of each Membership year and must be paid by the due date to ensure that Member and Guest passes are included in the February mailout.  The Wagin Ag Society reserves the right to not accept late payments where it is not possible to issue Member and Guest entry cards prior to the Woolorama (only current financial Members are entitled to receive Membership Benefits)
  7. The Wagin Agricultural Society Committee reserves the right to alter, add or remove Membership Benefits, or alter Membership pricing at its discretion at any time.  Any changes will be published on the Woolorama website.
  8. Attendance at Annual Woolorama Agricultural Show. 
    1. Member Cards are for the personal use of the ordinary member only, and the benefits attached to them are not transferable and cannot be used by anyone other than the Member.  Members must always carry their Member card and suitable identification when attending the Woolorama and provided on request by a Woolorama official.
    2. Guest cards may be used by anyone the Member chooses and are transferable to others but may only be used by one person at a time. 
    3. Members Parking.   Presentation of a Member Entry Card is required for access to the Members Car Park.   Additional people (other than nominated Guest) are required to pay normal entry fees at the Member’s car park gate.  Guest Entry cards are not valid for entry into Member’s car park.  Access to the Members Lounge and Members car park during the Woolorama Show is subject to capacity, and no guarantee is made of access at any time.
  9. Members (and their Guests) are expected to:
    1. adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Membership and any other Member facilities;
    2. follow any direction or request issued by Wagin Ag Society staff or representatives
    3. behave in a polite and respectful manner to all persons at all times;
    4. not engage in conduct that may bring Wagin Ag Society into disrepute, or impair/affect the enjoyment of others
    5. Failure to do so may result in confiscation, suspension or cancellation of Membership and/or Membership Benefits.
  10. You must advise the Wagin Ag Society Secretary of any changes to your contact details. We do not take any responsibility for items or correspondence not received due to outdated contact information.
  11. All Ordinary Members and nominated organisational representatives are invited to attend the Wagin Ag Society AGM and to nominate for Committee membership.
  12. Electronic communication with members via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps will be used in preference to hard copy correspondence.  
  13. Members have online access to the Constitution of the Society via the Woolorama website, and electronic or printed copies will only be provided when specifically requested.
  14. Your information is collected and used by the Wagin Ag Society to administer your Membership.  The information will be used to contact and advise you of events, activities and offers associated with your Membership. Your personal information will not be disclosed without your consent for any other purpose unless required or authorised by law. You may request access to your personal information, and if necessary, request that the Wagin Ag Society update your records by contacting the Secretary of the Wagin Ag Society.  
  15. The Wagin Ag Society Committee reserves the right to alter, add or remove Membership Benefits, or alter Membership pricing at its discretion at any time.  Any changes will be published on the Woolorama website.
  16. Should any dispute regarding the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions arise, they shall be settled by the Wagin Ag Society Committee, whose decision is final.