Creative Craft and Home Industries

Special Junior, Craftwork, Needlework, Patchwork, Quilting & Applique, Knitting & Crochet, Wood Work & Metal Work, One Persons Work, Cookery, Fruit and Vegetables, Jams and Preserves

A display of our local talent there is something for everyone to enter their beautiful creations. From Craft, Knitting, Quilting, Woodwork, Cookery, Jams or growing Fruit and vegetables there is healthy rivalry as to who does it best. Featured classes across the sections are:

  • Mens only Cooking Section (Section W)
  • Grandchild & Grandparent Gingerbread man challenge (Section W)
  • 2 colour quilt theme (Section S)
  • Giant Pumpkin competition (Section X)
  • Pickled or preserved beetroot (Section Y)
  • Collection of Jams or preserves (Section Y)
  • Friendship rug (Section T)

Free Entry for Sections P-Y

Junior Creations

There are many places for our Junior generation to show off their creative talent.  Section P is for Boys and Girl attending School (including home school) to display their cooking, Art, Craft & Design and Photography skills.  This year new featured classes include digitally altered photography, Wagin Young Artist Award and decorated birthday cakes.

There are many opportunities across the competition sections for Junior entries- see also Poultry, Young Judges, Cooking Grandparent Challenge, One Persons Work and Woodwork and Metalwork.