Trade Fair Australia

Important Trade Fair Information


Woolorama Schedule & Official Program

Limited opportunity exists to advertise in the two official Woolorama publications, giving exhibitors the chance to access key target markets and attain a competitive edge on your marketing campaign.

  • Show Schedule – colour cover, b/w internal pages containing information and entry forms to the 40+ competitive sections at the Woolorama. Around 1200 copies are distributed via our mailing list of past and potential entrants, and more are available on shop counters around the district. Contact Wendy Gould at Farm Weekly on 0418 947 521 for bookings.
  • Official Program – The official guide for the Woolorama – over 90 colour pages – it contains everything to know about having a great Woolorama experience. Over 20,000 copies are distributed throughout the region via Farm Weekly and are complimentary upon entry to the Woolorama. Contact Wendy Gould at Farm Weekly on 0418 947 521 for bookings.

Public Address System

The public address system broadcasts down the main traffic ways on the Showgrounds during Woolorama. Live to air and professionally recorded advertising is available for $105, with a guarantee of at least 5 airplays on each day. For a professional recording of your advertisement, forward your 75-word announcement to the Trade Fair Secretary by 1st February 2024. Apply via the site application form. 

Woolorama Website/ Social Media

Our website is maintained by our Marketing Officer as a one-stop-shop for everyone attending or interested in Woolorama. Significant web searching takes place by people looking for exhibitor details in the lead-up and in the months following Woolorama. The Trade Fair exhibitor list including a short description and your location at Woolorama will be uploaded for free onto our website. For only $25, your listing can be upgraded to include your logo, email address and a live link to your website. This provides a direct and convenient avenue to connect your customers to your business. Apply via the site application form. 


The Wagin airstrip is located at the southeastern end of town, 2km from the Wagin Showgrounds. The East-West strip is 1200m in length and the North-South strip is 1000m in length. Major works have been undertaken at the Airstrip in recent times including the installation of pilot activated lighting. All enquires should be directed to the Shire. A complimentary transport service is available to transfer people between the Airport and the Wagin Showgrounds. Please contact the Woolorama Secretary to make arrangements. 


To ensure we maintain the highest possible standard and range of exhibits, the Wagin Agricultural Society reserves the right to accept or reject any application. Sites are allocated in strict order of receipt, with preference given to those exhibitors whose applications are received prior to the early bird application closing date on 1st December 2023. Confirmation packages including site location and entry passes will be mailed to successful exhibitors by end of January 2024. 


Exhibitors are automatically entered into the general presentation categories:

  • Best Overall Exhibitor,
  • Best Major Exhibitor (over 10mx10m),
  • Best Small Exhibitor (less than 10mx10m),
  • Best Market Exhibitor,
  • Best Off-road/ Outdoor Exhibitor,
  • Best Garden Fair Exhibitor.

The judging of Exhibitor Awards takes place on Friday morning from 9am. If you have a new release item that has never been shown at the Woolorama and would like to enter in the New Agricultural Release category (and be in the chance to win in $1000 prize money!), please supply details on the Awards section of your Site Application Form. Judges' decision is final. 


No camping allowed prior to Wednesday 6th March. Our designated exhibitor camping area is located at the NW corner of the Wagin Showgrounds with easy access to ablution facilities. Power outlets are available to campers on a first-in basis. A registration fee of $20/ vehicle/night applies, which can be paid via the Online Site Application Form.


The catering for the Woolorama is undertaken by community groups and commercial vendors. Food and refreshments may be available at the showgrounds from Monday to Thursday prior to the event; some local businesses on Tudhoe St will be open for extended business hours. Continuous food and refreshments will be available around the Showgrounds during the two-day event. Breakfast is available at the Luncheon Hall on Friday and Saturday. 


When erecting marquees, digging holes or driving posts into the ground, please be aware of red and blue lines marked on the ground. These coloured lines represent danger. Power, telephone, water pipes and cables are underground in this area. Exhibitors shall be responsible for any damage to sites, water pipes and electricity cables running through their sites. Only grass and gravel sites can be pegged; marquees on bitumen and paved sites must be weighed down. It is your responsibility to inform your marquee providers. 


The Wagin Showgrounds is open until 9pm on Thursday 7th March for exhibitors to set up. All displays must be open for business during Trade Fair hours – Friday, 9am – 5pm (except Sideshow alley, food vendors) and Saturday 9am – 5pm. Any particularly large displays need to be set up as early as possible to ensure easy access to the site. All sites must be cleared by Monday 5pm unless otherwise arranged with the Trade Fair Manager. The site fee includes ground/floor space only and exhibitors need to order marquees, tables, chairs, display walls etc. directly with suppliers and arrange set-up and removal. 


To help with the administrative workload, all applications received by the 1st December 2023 will receive the early bird discount (advertised rates). Applications received after this date will be charged a $55 fee. 


Electric power is available at most sites and must be ordered and paid for on application. Power is supplied to the corner of the block and exhibitors supply their own internal cables. Exhibitors are reminded to order adequate power for their needs as overloading the system will cause great inconvenience to other exhibitors. The Wagin Agricultural Society is not responsible for any damage to electrical equipment, caused by fluctuating power or overloads. 


Site fees include an allocated number of 2-day personnel and vehicle passes. Additional exhibitor passes can be purchased via the Site Application Form from the Woolorama Trade Fair Office during the week of the event. No refunds will be made to exhibitors not presenting passes at the gate. No Pass – No Entry. If you intend to have personnel arriving from different branches or towns, please notify the Trade Fair Secretary at time of application. This helps with allocating passes to your personnel.  Additional Vehicle Passes are no longer available, additional parking will be available in thr Public Parking.


All food and drink vendors are required to provide a list of all products and/or menus and the prices at which they are being sold. Vendors must meet Local Government Health Regulations and must be able to produce on-demand a Certificate of Currency for their Public Liability insurance. All Food Vendors are required to complete the National Food Safety Standard Course. The Certificate must be uploaded with the Tradefair Application before approval of the site will be processed. Register at In order to participate in Wagin Woolorama 2024.


2 telehandlers will be available for exhibitor use during bump in and bump, daylight hours only, out of Woolorama,  Exhibitors please bring own straps. Bookings are essential and can be made with your online application.

Bump in: Sunday - Thursday before Woolorama 8:30am to 5:30pm
Bump out: Sunday- Tuesday after Woolorama 8:30am to 4:30pm


Sheep and small straw bales can be hired for the duration of the Woolorama, and will be delivered to your site. See Site Application Form for pricing and placing orders. No straw bales in Indoor sites. 


Centrally located on the Showgrounds and manned by volunteers to assist with general inquires throughout the two days, including receiving updated information from the Trade Fair Office. It is extremely important for all site sharing to be declared on the official program to assist patrons to find exhibitor sites. Refer to the site map. 


If you intend to serve, offer or sell any form of alcoholic beverages to your customers or clients, then we are required to include your organisation in our application for a Liquor Licence. Applications are required by 1ST December 2023. Contact the Trade Fair Manager for details or visit our website. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE APPLICATIONS CONSIDERED.


Photocopying is available at the Woolorama Office for 20c per copy.


An official program of events (produced by Farm Weekly) is published and distributed across the state in the weeks leading up to the Woolorama. Contact Wendy Gould at Farm Weekly on 0418 947 521 for for full details. Reference to the Woolorama by exhibitors own advertising campaigns would be appreciated.


Bank transfer and EFT will no longer be accepted for trade fair application payment. All fees must be paid in full at the time of application. 


Exhibitors are expected to have their own Public Liability Cover covering them against any occurrence attributable to their activities or the activities of any persons for whom they are directly responsible. Please attach a copy of your current Public Liability insurance with your Site Application form. 


To enable a high standard of site security, exhibitors are not permitted to sleep on their individual sites. All accommodation caravans MUST be parked in the Exhibitor Camping area. All buildings will be locked by the Committee at 9pm on Thursday and at the end of Trade Fair trading on Friday. Buildings will be opened by 7.30am on Friday and Saturday mornings. A strong police presence is maintained during show hours. 24-hour security is employed to patrol the Wagin Showgrounds from Thursday 6pm until Sunday 8am. Please ensure you secure your site appropriately before leaving on the Thursday and Friday nights. Direct any inquiries to the Woolorama Office. 


Exhibitors are able to share their site with another exhibitor. This will incur a $76 administration fee and exhibitors must fill in the relevant section on the Site Application Form. This is to ensure:

  1. The exhibits of sharing firms fall within the Wagin Agricultural Society conditions.
  2. The location of every exhibitor present is known. This helps considerably with inquires during the Woolorama and allows all exhibitors maximum publicity.
  3. ALL exhibitors’ names are in the official program.
  4. The sharing company is to purchase their own Exhibitor passes.
  5. Individual participation in Awards categories.
  6. Coverage of secondary public liability insurance. 


Sponsorship is a great way to extend your exposure at the Wagin Woolorama. A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available.  Contact our Sponsorship Coordinator.


The Trade Fair Secretary works on a part-time basis in the lead up to the show, and will promptly return enquiries. Located on your left as you walk into the Woolorama Office, it is manned by staff and volunteers during the week of Woolorama, and is open during business hours. 

Sun 3rd - Wed 6th 8:30am - 5:00pm
Thur 7th   6:00am - 6:00pm
Fri 8th & Sat 9th  7:00am - 5:30pm
Sun 10th  8:30am - 5:00pm
Mon 11th  8:30am - 5:00pm 
Tue 12th 8:30am - 3:00pm 
Wed 13th  8:30am - 12:00pm


All exhibitor vehicles must be parked in the designated exhibitor parking area by 8am on Friday morning. Only vehicles with Display Vehicle stickers can remain parked on your site. No movement of exhibitor’s vehicles on grounds is allowed during show hours. See “Courier Service” for transporting of goods during Show hours. 


An allocation of vehicle passes are included in site fees, enabling exhibitors close access to their site for loading and unloading their exhibit, and parking in the designated exhibitor parking area within the showgrounds. Passes must be displayed on dashboard the windscreen to gain entry to the Wagin Showgrounds on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Woolorama. Additional Vehicle Passes are no longer available, any additional vehicle must park in the Public Car Park.


Exhibitor Vehicle passes enable direct entry/exit access to the show and can do so at any time, providing they drive safely and at less than 6km/hr. Unattended, unauthorised parked vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense if they are considered to be obstructing access. Vehicle passes will be emailed out in January in the Exhibitor Confirmation packages. Exhibitors requiring a vehicle to remain on their site as part of their exhibit should apply for a Display 


A special area for washing down machines has been set aside close to the ramp. 


The supply of water to sites by tank (firetruck) can be ordered on the Site Application form. Exhibitors must supply their own containers. Please note: water supplied is not suitable for drinking. Limited access to taps is also available.