Chris Moffatt – B&A Section Steward extraordinaire set to retire after more than 2 decades of service

Chris Moffatt – B&A Section Steward extraordinaire set to retire after more than 2 decades of service

 Sat, 13th Feb, 2021

Being invested in a project or event for a long period of time allows a person to not just simply gain unique experiences; but to also develop a lifelong affiliation with the people and processes along the way.

This has certainly been the case for the Wagin Woolorama’s highly respected retiring B&A section head and life member of the Wagin Ag Society, Chris Moffatt.

Over his 21+ years of involvement as a steward at the Woolorama, Chris has been a spearhead in the growth of the B&A section.

“We aim for a general progression in all we do – what started as a partially shaded area is now fully covered, we’ve tidied up the grounds and do whatever we can to improve the event every year.”

Preparation for the event begins shortly after the Perth Royal Show.

“Firstly we get a submission of names of potential judges who are willing to help and from there we arrange flights and accommodation.”

“In the week prior, we set up pens and grounds.”

“In the week of; classing, showing and the ultimate champion of champions is decided,” he said.

A personal highlight for Chris was his period as the president of the Wagin Ag Society, whilst also performing his stewarding duties.

“Being able to give individuals their life membership is a rewarding feeling – as it acknowledges the contributions they have made over the years.”

But what has stood out above all else – is the sense of comradeship that comes from being a part of a generous country community.

“On the day – everything may feel like it is going to the wayside, but you’ll always have one or two friendly faces who step up and lend a hand where it's needed.”

Aside from stewarding duties, Mr Moffatt is well renowned for his prowess in the men’s cooking section of the show.

He credits his winning efforts to “luck and following a pretty standard recipe.”

Chris’ lucky streak did falter in the 2020 Woolorama, at the hands of his daughter’s partner.

Although he views this loss as somewhat of a ‘rite-of-passage’, Mr Moffatt explains the real intent behind entering is to encourage other men to get involved.

And while Mr Moffatt may be taking a well-deserved step back from his stewarding duties, we look forward to his continued support of the Woolorama.

His parting advice is simple:

“If you’re involved in any capacity, get in – muck in and make the best of it. You get out what you put in.”

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