Presidents Report for Wagin Agricultural Society - 2020 AGM

Presidents Report for Wagin Agricultural Society - 2020 AGM

 Wed, 22nd Jul, 2020

Wow how fortunate were we to get our 48th Wagin Woolorama in before Covid 19 shut the country down!  In hindsight,  this was an amazing thing to happen for our town, community and district and to have not to have made the decision to cancel at last moment was very lucky.  I’m sure we are all very thankful and feel for our sister organizations that have had to make some very hard decisions.  

My second year as president,  has also been as different and unique as my first year as president.  The staff, committee and volunteers of Woolorama  all continue to inspire and amaze me.  Thank you to everyone for your hard work and commitment to this Community Event.  Thank you to the Staff, Amy, Sonya, Dianna, Helen and Jenna and who put in 110% every year.   We welcomed our new Secretary, Amy Kippin, who was on the ground running from her first day.  She brought new ideas and systems into the mix and we appreciate all she has done in her first year. We are adopting new processes and programs which really do get us into a sustainable and technological future.

Thank you to Paul Powell, vice president and past president, Tony Baxter who continue to be the support I fall back on time and time again.

One of my highlights of Woolorama 2020 was the Opening address by the Students from Wagin District High School.  They represented the school and our Community with such honesty, openness and confidence that was appreciated and commended by all in attendance.  Another fun highlight was that of Norman and his carer Rob Atkins bringing a bit of competition to Brunswick’s Knickers.

There are new challenges and opportunities for us to explore for 2021 and if re-elected I look forward to tackling them and being part of a wonderful team that will deliver a great show for Western Australia.

Howard Ward