Class V02

Class V02

V - One Person's Work

Head Steward  |  Heather McDougall Ph: 9861 1008
Entry Fee  |  FREE
Entries Close  |  Friday 1 March at 5pm. NO LATE ENTRIES
Entry Form  |  See centre pages of this schedule (blue form)
Judging  |  Tuesday 5 March at 11am
Prize money  |  Prize Money can be collected from the Woolorama Office 10am to 11.30am on Saturday.
Exhibitions | Entries to be in position before 10am Tuesday 5 March. Items may be left at the Woolorama office from 1 March.

1. All exhibits must be the unaided work of exhibitor
2. All names on exhibits must be covered for judging
3. Please secure exhibit cards to all 3 exhibits securely
4. 3 items per entry
5. Each item MUST be a DISTINCT and DIFFERENT craft (no sets or pairs).Eg pottery, woodwork, art, cooking, floral art, needlework, dressmaking, metal work etc (NO photography).
6. All crafts to be displayed.
7. Only ONE entry per exhibitor.
8. Points awarded for variety and quality — 30 points for variety, 90 points for quality, for possible 120 point total.
9. Items may have been exhibited at the Wagin Woolorama in previous years in other sections, but NOT to have been exhibited in section V before as part of an exhibit.
10. Please provide cards for each of the 3 items to be given to stewards for placement on work after judging. To contain the name of the craft concerned and the exhibitor’s name.

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Class V02: Junior One Persons Work

17years and under

Entry Fee: $0.00 Location: Eric Farrow Pavilion Online Competition Entries will open in 20th January 2024 Sponsors: Dohle Farming; P & K Powell Prizes: 1st - $50, 2nd - $25